I surprised my wife by building her dream hidden library – it's in an odd place because we live in an RV, space is tight | The Sun

FOR bookworms, having a custom home library is a dream come true.

But what if you live in an RV and space is tight? That wasn't enough to stop one loving husband.

Bailey (@baileygoesoutside) is a travel influencer who shares videos about living in an RV with his 306,000 followers.

The RV fan decided to surprise his wife, an avid reader, by building a library to store her books while she was away on a bachelorette weekend.

Bailey said: "My wife and I have been living in this RV for 14 months. She loves reading, so I wanted to see if I could upgrade our RV to give her her own special spot.

"I love her so much and I want her to have her own space in the camper."

Bailey decided to renovate a storage cupboard in the RV's kitchen and living room to turn it into a library.

He began by emptying and cleaning the cupboard before removing the shelves, which were broken, and measuring the space.

The influencer then bought the supplies he needed to begin the project, including shelves and lightbulbs.

The first step was the line the kitchen cupboard with peel-and-stick wallpaper in a warm blue color.

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Bailey then added brackets and shelves before adorning the hidden storage spot with a heart-shaped neon wall light and color-changing LED spotlights and strip lights.

For an extra special touch, the travel vlogger included a vanilla-scented air freshener, his wife's favorite smell.

Once the makeover was complete, Bailey stocked the two shelves with books so the unconventional library was ready to be used.

He wanted to surprise his wife with an act of service, writing in the video's caption that he was "building my wife her dream hidden library."

Commenters loved Bailey's dedication and thoughtfulness.

One viewer wrote: "Omg this is so adorable! Nicole is going to LOVE THIS."

Another person said: "Great job! You are a very thoughtful husband. She is a lucky lady."

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