McDonalds fans go wild for unreal Christmas hot drinks on limited edition festive menu

McDonald's is launching a new range of festive hot drinks and fans have gone wild, labelling them "unreal".

The fast-food chain has teamed up with Galaxy to offer customers delicious new hot drinks from their limited edition festive menu which will be available from next week. For coffee and hot chocolate lovers, the new beverages will be called "The Galaxy Range" and are the first Christmas-themed products to be added to their menu so far.

For those looking for a shot of caffeine, treat yourself to the Galaxy Caramel Latte which offers the regular McDonald's latte blended with Galaxy caramel syrup, topped with a delicious caramel cream and chocolate stars. We know it sounds amazing and what's more, a regular will set you back just £2.69 while a large will cost £3.29.

If you're looking for a chocolate fix then the new Galaxy Hot Chocolate will be the drink for you, made from Galaxy's famous caramel syrup, mixed through and topped with caramel cream and chocolate stars. It could soon become a winter must-have as it'll cost you just £2.19.

The new range will launch next week available from 1 November until 6 February 2024. Following the news of the festive range, fans of Maccies took to social media to show their appreciation for the Galaxy additions.

One happy fan said: "Ohhh even more I need to try."

A second wrote: "Yummy deffo be getting one."

It comes just weeks after McDonald's customers threw their praise for their new Halloween menu shake-up. The menu saw seven completely new additions added including two McFlurry flavours and two burgers.

One of which includes the brand new McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse and the old favourite, the Philly Cheese Stack. Both burgers were specially picked for the new autumn season menu and have used new flavours.

The return of the Philly Cheese Stack has led fans to urge the fast-food chain to make it a permanent fixture on the menu. As we wait and see if Maccies will introduce it for good, the new additions have been heavily applauded just like the Galaxy hot drinks.

On their McCafe menu, the takeaway restaurant will continue to offer their regular hot drinks including a flat white, latte, cappuccino, black coffee, tea and a standard hot chocolate. Along with their staple burgers of the Big Mac, McCrispy, McPlant and Filot-O-Fish.

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